I recently attended GiffGaff’s Spend or Save Games Night at the contemporary venue Ikon Gallery which is perfectly set in Birmingham’s Brindley Place. Not just any ordinary ‘Games Night’ but a night that consisted of… View Post

All I was hoping for on the day was that the sun came out….I got way more than I bargained for! It was roasting hot literally, that hot I ended up with sunburn! But that… View Post

I used to use Weebly to host my website for two reasons…. 1. I love the drag and drop function and the easy format in which I could compile my site. 2. It’s free and… View Post

I am a complete sucker for a Sunday roast dinner but I do find it difficult to find one that tastes “high end”. So when I did….I thought i’d better share it! That way all… View Post

Let’s Get Set for School There is so much controversy around this issue at the moment! Ofsted are placing huge emphasis on children being school ready, here is what the Chief Inspector for Ofsted will… View Post