Va Va Voom Veggie Lasagne


This recipe was inspired by “Ella’s Vroom Vroom” recipe. Great recipe but there is no way I was prepared to fork out that kind of money for a pouch of food that would last two days max.
This recipe is so easy!! 

Cost: ​  £1.10
Cubes:    45
Preparation Time:   5 mins
​Cooking Time:   30 mins

1/2 Courgettte
10 Cherry tomatoes
1/2 yellow pepper
1/4 Onion
1 Carrot
Sprinkle of oregano
Sprinkle of basil
15 spaghetti strands​Method
Chop all ingredients into  roughly 1 inch pieces.  Chop garlic   and  onion fine.
Break up  spaghetti  into  small pieces.   Cherry tomatoes   do  not  need to be cut.
Add  all of the  ingredients   to  medium saucepan , cover with  water  and bring to the  boil.
Once boiling turn  temperature   to  medium  and leave to boil away until the pasta is  cooked through, approximately  20-25 minutes.

​Leave to  cool, add the entire contents to the  blender   and  pulse 4 or 5 times.  Just to break ingredients into a lovely  textured paste.
Scoop the finished paste into the ice cube trays and leave them in the freezer overnight, once frozen, pop out into zip lock freezer bags and store in the freezer.
To defrost remove the desired amount of cubes and microwave for around, 10 seconds per cube. Be sure to stir and check the food every 30 seconds, make sure it is hot through.

Bubble’s ReviewTaste:

Time to consume: 15 mins
Ease of eating: 6/10I thought that the Va Va Voom tasted really good. It took me a while to eat it all up, I was too busy feeling those bubbly pasta pieces between my brand new top teeth.
The new flavours and textures made me very excited so it wasn’t the easiest meal I’ve eaten.
The second time I had this veggie delight, Mommy added a pureed pear cube which I loved so much more! That little sweet under tone to the lasagne made me gulp every mouthful! I was screaming for more, in fact I ate it all up in 5 minutes, I’m a big boy!

Variations– All of these variations have been tried and tested by Bub and he loved all of them!
Veggie Lasagne (4 cubes) + Pear (1 cube)
Veggie Lasagne (4 cubes) + Apple (1 cube)
Veggie Lasagne (3 cubes) + Spinach (1 cube) + Blueberry (1 cube)


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