Flu Fighter

This “Flu Fighter” smoothie is my new go to recipe ‘in case of emergency’ for cold and flu. My baby ‘Bubble’ recently had some flu like symptoms setting in and decided he was going to refuse his food…all day! So I decided I was going to trick him and feed him through a smoothie! I researched into all of the nutrients needed to help the body fight cold and flu symptoms and it was a complete winner! It’s almost as though it has given his little body a nudge to get the cold out and he hasn’t stopped sneezing since  drinking it!  ​


Another factor why this recipe is so great for cold and flu…..when my boy gets a bad cold it tends to make him a little sick usually because there is so much mucus travelling to his stomach! The ginger in this recipe completely eliminates the sickness and helps the gut to overcome the nausea. ​

Thumbnail sized piece of ginger
1 tsp Flax Seed
1 heaped tsp Oats
1 tsp (just less) Turmeric
Juice and pulp of one lime
3 Strawberries
1 Banana
1 Nectarine
1 large handful Spinach
150-200 ml water (depends how thick you would like it)

Blend for 2 minutes to ensure everything is completely obliterated!
Be careful where you get this smoothie as the turmeric leaves everything yellow if you’re not careful.
My boy has been drinking this whilst blocked up for the last two days and he is still  a happy chappy (despite the fact he can’t breathe from his nose) and getting all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients! Mission accomplished!!!


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