Foodies Festival Birmingham

All I was hoping for the day was that the sun came out….I got way more than I bargained for! It was roasting hot literally, that hot I ended up with sunburn! But that didn’t stop me, it was a lovely day out with my family and friends that consisted of FOOD, FOOD, FOOD! I was so excited to be surrounded by such delicious food it was hard to decide what to indulge in! I was so excited that I accidentally filled myself up on 3 different foods, this wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve had!

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Next year will be all about trying a little amount of EVERYTHING!

First of all on the way in you are gifted with a delicious Lipton Ice Tea in your choice of Mango, Lemon or Peach! Its all about the Peach for me, its just so thirst quenching and refreshing especially in the hot weather! While we are on the topic of drinks I must tell you about the “Drink me Chai” now I am no fan of hot drinks in general, but this stuff I could drink ICED by the gallon! Peppermint to be more specific….It was made up with the powder from straight from the tub, mixed with a combo of cold milk and ice and…..OMG what a dream! it tasted soo good its indescribable!




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