Bombay “Breakfast” Hash

This hash is a favourite of mine! It’s almost like Bombay potatoes with a twist, but my favourite time to eat this is for brunch. I never make the same hash twice because it always depends what veg we have in at the time.

This one here is a mix of red potatoes and sweet potatoes with soft flavoursome onion, red pepper, garlic, spinach and basil leaves. I always use butter as the final flavour enhancer and to help with the grilling process, it’s not the same without it!


4 Red Potatoes

1 Sweet Potato

1/2 Red Pepper

1 Onion

2 Garlic cloves

3 handfuls of Spinach

1 stem of Basil Leaves

1 Tbsp Curry Powder

1 Tsp Garam Massala

1 Tbsp Butter

2 Tbsp Sunflower Oil

1 Tbsp Flour


1. Chop the potatoes in to bitesize pieces and boil for 12 minutes.

2. Chop onion, garlic and pepper into thin slices and fry in 1 Tbsp of the sunflower oil for 10 minutes or until soft.

3. Stir the spinach and basil leaves into the pan.

4. Drain the potatoes, sprinkle over the flour and stir to allow it to absorb into the potatoes.

5. Add the extra oil to the veg and stir in the potatoes and allow to slightly fry.

6. Add the curry powder, garam massala and stir to allow it to infuse everything in the pan.

7. Drop little bits of butter over the top of all of the ingredients and put the pan under the grill for 8 minutes to allow the top layer of potatoes and veg to slightly crisp.

Voila! Happy Cooking! I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do! You really can produce this with oil, potatoes and whatever vegetables you have in the fridge!


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