The ‘Festive Afternoon Tea’ at Three Church Road, Edgbaston

After recently becoming a Mommy for the second time this short escape from the house was a perfect outing to have a catch up and a bite to eat!

I started the occasion off with the traditional English Breakfast Tea, call me boring but after nine months of it turning my stomach…I was over the moon to be sipping on my tea and actually enjoying it! I tried to keep in line and only add one sugar lump, but had to sneak in another!

Take a look at the menu

I decided to have the Scones served after the other treats, because I didn’t want to fill myself up before getting in on the finger food!

So I started on the finger sandwiches to begin with, there was three variations; Wensleydale and Cranberry, Ham and Mustard and Earl Grey Cucumber. The Wensleydale and Cranberry was delicious and I am not even a fan of cheese! The Ham didn’t end up having any mustard on it which was slightly disappointing! As for the Earl Grey Cucumber…..I couldn’t bring myself to eat it! I eat with my eyes first and even they didn’t fancy it! The Cucumber looked off because it had been soaked in tea, it did not look appetising to my eyes. My friend reported it tasted exactly as it looked! The Smoked Salmon Bilini went down way to easy and I could have easily eat ten more.

This is where it gets good if you have a sweet tooth!

There was a White Chocolate Truffle which tasted like a lump of butter, thought I’d get that out the way! The biscuit was a ginger flavour and was really tasty! There was also a Lemon Madeleine which had a nice toasted outer crisp crust that crunched but contained a soft lemony sponge inside!

The mini jar contains a Mulled Sine and fresh Raspberry Trifle which tasted really good!! But the best sweet treat by far was the Orange Chocolate Macaroon!! It was truly another thing and I will be attempting these at home for sure!! This little taste of heaven is all I visualise when I think of my ‘Festive Afternoon Tea’.

I finally finished it off with a warm freshly baked scone topped with Strawberry Jam and Clotted Cream! It was exactly what I needed to help get me in the festive mood!

If I could improve this in any way I would change the Cucumber Sandwich as it’s not even enjoyable for Cucumber fans! I would also ensure that the ham sandwich came with a helping of Mustard or chutney to improve it massively! Also I think that the portion size for the sandwiches could be improved to two of each, as one of each really is not enough even for me! Who doesn’t have the biggest appetite!

If I could concrete anything into this menu it would be the Wensleydale and Cranberry sandwich, the Chocolate Orange Macaroon and the warm Orange Zest and Cranberry scones!


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