Top 5 Best Buys at the Aldi Baby Event Today

I don’t know about you but with having an eight week old little man and a 2 year old crazy kid, the sound of a baby event is like music to my ears!

Some of the baby events are so disappointing and only contain moses baskets, cots and a few blankets or swim nappies! But I have seen so many things advertised in this event that I all of a sudden NEED!!! Here are the bargains!

1. Gina Ford –The Contented Baby Range Books (pregnancy, baby, toddler and weaning)£3.99

Trust me when I tell you this is a real bargain! These books start from roughly £10 online, and they are really inspiring and informative books to help you form a solid routine with your baby whilst creating a contented baby at the same time! Gina Ford is amazing so if you’re considering it, bag it at Aldi for less than half the price! You can get The Contented Little Baby Book, The Contented Weaning Book, The Complete Sleep Book, The Toddler Years, The Contented Pregnancy Book and the one you see here!

2. Nuby Rocket Baby Soothing Mitten – £4.99

The only problem I personally have with teethers is that my boys find it easier to chew their own hand because they don’t have the patience to hold it and chew it at the same time! So this is like the answer to my prayers, we will definitely be purchasing one of these today! The cheapest you will find this ANYWHERE else is £6.99, even directly from Nuby! So grabbing one at Aldi, you will save yourself £2! This is a winner for me!

3. Annabel Karmel Weaning Book – £4.99

If you have weaning fast approaching or are even already into it, it’s worth investing in Annabel Karmel’s Weaning book! She is like the God of weaning and dietry requirements for babies and children. In this bestselling book you will find a full guide to weaning and recipes which includes how to encourage baby-led weaning. Other retailers have this item on for £7.50, so you could save by grabbing it at Aldi in the baby event. They also have her Baby and Toddler Food Book!

4. Sensitive Baby Wipes 12 Pack – £5.69

These pretty much speak for themselves! If you know you know when it comes to this huge box of wipes, it’s such great value and it’s such a necessary item for any house with babies or toddlers! This is a complete bargain and great if you prefer to bulk buy!

5. Nuby Tummy Time Pillow – £9.99

These cushions are really great for your little one for some tummy time to strengthen their little neck! If you bag one of these you will be saving £2 again!

So get yourself there before it’s all gone, LITERALLY!

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