About – This Momma is Winging it

Hi im Amy, a first time Mom living in Birmingham with my boyfriend Stephen and our 10 month old baby ‘Bubble’! I really appreciate that you have taken the time to read a little more about me… so I will tell you a little more!
I’m 26 years old and a qualified teacher currently taking a “long holiday” from teaching! Now your probably thinking I’m a primary teacher, oh no!!! I love a good confrontation, teaching the aliens of society (hormonal teenagers). 
For every waking minute that I don’t spend caring for my precious little pea, I like to do the other things that make me happy; cooking, walking in the park with my special ones and relaxing in the cosy house with my man binging on GOT (Game of Thrones), Walking Dead, Power etc… I could go on forever!
I am using this blog as a base, to build all the significant recipes, reviews and life situations that I might find myself in on this crazy journey of motherhood…just in case I forget!
When I was heavily pregnant I was in line at the petrol station and a man that I didn’t know said to me “When your baby is born, take as many pictures and record as many memories as possible, because it goes so fast…my son is 37 and I don’t remember most of it!”
All I could think from that moment was… I don’t want my Bubble to get to an age and to feel like I missed a single significant moment! So here I am!