Who doesn’t love a GOOD hamper?! In the past I’ve been “treated” to hampers from family….that have actually turned out to be full of stuff I won’t use and don’t like! It’s so disappointing knowing… View Post

All I was hoping for on the day was that the sun came out….I got way more than I bargained for! It was roasting hot literally, that hot I ended up with sunburn! But that… View Post

I used to use Weebly to host my website for two reasons…. 1. I love the drag and drop function and the easy format in which I could compile my site. 2. It’s free and… View Post

I am a complete sucker for a Sunday roast dinner but I do find it difficult to find one that tastes “high end”. So when I did….I thought i’d better share it! That way all… View Post

After we stuffed our face with burger and fries, we still had a little room for a dessert of some description. Usually I am the indecisive one, but Stephen couldn’t decide what he wanted…so we… View Post