Kids Recipes – This Momma is Winging it

Learning to Love Nutritious food in a cheap way!

When deciding on recipes for the little man, I stick to the same principle as when looking for my own recipes…..don’t try and invent the wheel, find a recipe that works and modify it! So basically I get recipe inspiration from leading baby food brands! Apart from that I find myself trying to always achieve the same goals:

  • Producing food that is nutritious-  For me this means removing the unnecessary ingredients from  the recipe and even adding some ingredients!
  • Cost Effective-  It has to be cost effective!!  Simple!
  • Introducing tasty, healthy foods-  I want Bubble to enjoy the experience   of exploring and eating healthy foods. This is the reason that I always add a fruit cube to his meal, his reaction is completely different without it! It just wouldn’t be the same for him!