There’s a bun in the oven – This Momma is Winging it

So I had a call from my close friend a couple of weeks ago with a special request! She asked if I would support her through the birth of her second baby boy who was due to be born very soon! I got very emotional and felt very privileged to be asked to share that amazing experience.
So as D-day got closer and closer I started to think seriously about what I would be taking to the hospital to help make her experience as pleasant as possible. I thought about how I felt during the different stages of labour…I packed:

  • Lip balm
  • 6 bottles of water
  • Snacks (cereal bars, crisps, seeds and nuts)
  • Oil diffuser (electric)
  • Frankincense oil (natural pain relief)
  • Lavender oil (to help relax)
  • A phone charger (to make sure the phones charged for the special pictures)
  • A water spray bottle

So here I am focusing on the fact that I’m quivering. As soon as we reached the house I went upstairs and dug in theĀ